From strategy development to pragmatic implementation

In order to be able to offer you the best possible service, sound, personal advice is essential. Therefore, we record and assess your project together with you in order to be able to offer you an individual solution afterwards.

The goal is to realize your project in time, budget and quality and to respond to your wishes in a situational way.

We accompany and support you through all project phases, from planning to realization and operation. Even after completion, we remain at your disposal as a contact partner.

With our proven 360° IT Review, we assess the ACTUAL situation of your IT infrastructure in all relevant areas and create the associated implementation roadmap in a vendor-neutral manner with a holistic 360° all-round view from the outside.

Our approach and working methods are based both on standardized and established procedures, but above all on our best practices, trends and the extensive experience of our IT experts.

With our security assessment, management and training services, we can assess and mitigate the risks that compromise our clients’ data and information and impact your mission-critical processes and image.

We can also help you implement the right security processes and procedures to seamlessly and efficiently improve your security posture without disrupting your daily business.

The corporate strategy and other internal and external guidelines of the organization are elementary for defining the criteria for risk classification and assessment according to the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach.

We support you in defining the strategic risk indicators (risk policy, risk catalog) and in creating the link between strategy and operational risk management.

The goal is to describe how IT should align itself in order to optimally support the specified business requirements / business objectives. Subsequently, implementable measures and a roadmap are defined.

With the introduction of RBAC, a cost-effective and simple administration of users and their rights is achieved. Much more important, however, is the clear assignment of roles with regard to compliance requirements, such as segregation of duties or authorization certifications.

For automatic provisioning in an IAM system, role creation according to RBAC is mandatory. It is so central that we see the development of an RBAC-oriented role model as a guarantee for an efficient Identity & Access Management system.

According to the new requirements of the EU-DSGVO and Swiss revDSG, personal data is information that relates to an identified or identifiable person; e.g. a name, a photo, an email address, bank details, location details, medical information or a computer IP address.

So imagine a Swiss company, e.g. a bookseller, that offers an online store in addition to its store in the center of any city in Switzerland. Through this online store, customers – from another European country – order books. Thus, the bookseller is obliged to comply with and implement the requirements of the GDPR.

IT Project Consulting

Our Project Consulting experts ensure the overall management of your digital transformations effectively, efficiently and methodically. Together with you, our experts successfully implement these complex and very often difficult projects and plans on time and within budget.

IT Security Consulting

In the area of IT security, we can support you in a variety of very practical and experienced ways. For this, there is either completely industry-independent or industry-specific the right set of rules for you with advice tailored to your company.

Business Consulting

In the course of business consulting, we provide tailor-made recommendations for a wide variety of business areas and corporate situations. We advise on changes in the organization or structure of the company, as well as on specific technical issues in the areas of finance and risk management. In addition, we support you with challenging IT topics and large-scale projects, from intensive training and consulting to quality management and issues related to your IT and ERP architecture.

Anything as a Service (XaaS)

With our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) service offerings, our customers can focus fully on their core business. We deliver benefits and added value through risk minimization and increased reliability, resource and cost optimization through outsourced IT processes, and compliance with data protection and security guidelines.


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