Customer Identity Access Management

CIAM relieves the burden of registration, authentication management and identity security, making it easier for you to provide seamless customer experiences across all brand touchpoints. SECURIX supports you in the evaluation, implementation and operation of CIAM solutions.

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Flexibility of the solution

Does every user have to authenticate in the same way? Or can it be customised to the user's situation and security requirements?


Can the solution handle the planned number of identities? How high is the number of users?

Social Login

It also makes sense to provide the registration process via social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, as this allows companies to quickly and easily convert anonymous visitors into identities.


Are the operating instructions simple? Because the solution interacts directly with the customer and must therefore be easy to use.

Multichannel capability

The system must run on tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs, as manually reconfiguring each channel is inefficient.

Technical interfaces

Provision of various functions in the technical interface so that the process can also be integrated into existing applications or portals.

CIAM advantages

Customer acquisition and customer retention

A simple, user-friendly solution leads to increased customer satisfaction and improves the customer relationship. The first impression starts with registration.

Relief for the help desk

Unique centralised management of customer identities, profile data and access rights prevents errors and increases data quality.

Overall view of the customer

The linking of all customer-related information allows the company to better customise its marketing activities.

DSGVO compliant

With the CIAM solution waave, technical requirements of the GDPR and DSG data protection laws can be reliably supported.

Simplification of administration

Cross-platform administration of user data and role-based access rights.

Self-service functions

Secure access for customers and partners guarantees a standardised, secure and consistent customer experience in online business.

CIAM application cases

Fast, and simply compatible without limits

Improve customer experience

• Single sign-on (SSO) for digital assets
• Simplify login with social login
• Self-service of accounts

Modernisation of the infrastructure

• Scalability for all customers
• Rigorous security certifications
• Continuous innovation

Scalable applications

• Standards-based authentication
• Registration experience with APIs
• Secure registration with high data traffic

Guarantee of data protection

• Limit data loss through domain-based access controls
• Protect customer accounts with multi-factor authentication

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The CIAM Buyers Guide

Decisive factors for your selection

Lifecycle management of identities

Ensure that identities are managed efficiently throughout their lifecycle.

Balance between security and user-friendliness

Ensuring an optimum balance between application security and user-friendliness.


The ability to effortlessly serve new customers with a growing user base.

Immediate access to applications

Enable your customers to interact securely and reliably via your online channels.

Integration with existing identity systems

Seamless and secure integration of CRM and ERP systems into the Customer IAM solution.

Compatibility with different platforms

Provision of an easily integrated solution for various industries based on modern standards.

Our certifications for quality management and data protection


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