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The software to create order, security and cost transparency in facility management! A core task of facility management is legally compliant documentation of whether and when prescribed maintenance has been carried out. Such documentation involves a lot of effort, but can be made more efficient with an appropriate software solution.

The focus is on providing information about the facilities (plants, land, buildings, machines, etc.) and supporting work processes.

The use of CAFM software helps to increase added value as well as to sustainably improve the transparency and security of real estate.

A CAFM system is indispensable for professional building management and, in particular, for the fulfillment of operator responsibility in the form of the numerous operator obligations. This applies to both owners and tenants.

Areas of application

We offer unique expertise and many years of project experience in facility management.


The IWMS software guides you through the entire building lifecycle, infrastructure, resources used, facilities and assets. The system shows you options for action to increase the return on real estate assets.

For central management, TRIRIGA offers you five different modules for the analysis, implementation and optimization of business processes. This makes critical processes in building management transparent.


The CAFM software supports you in commercial, infrastructural and technical facility management. The software is your management tool that provides all the necessary information and key figures for you. It can be used to organize, control and document all work in and around buildings and properties.

CAFM can collect, evaluate and compare consumption data and provide cost information.

What is facility management software?

Facility management software, also called computer-aided facility management (CAFM), is a program that significantly simplifies the provision of information and the support of work processes in the maintenance of facilities.

We offer a fast and professional digitalization in strategic and operative facility management with the certified solution IMSWARE.GO! as native app or web application:

  • Commercial facility management (e.g. budget/cost, lease and contract management).
  • Infrastructural facility management (e.g. space management, property, cleaning and relocation management)
  • Technical facility management (e.g. maintenance, energy, fault management and user help desk)

Advantages of Facility Management Software

Cost overview & services

Facilitated maintenance

Operator responsibility

Simple Management

Cost efficient

Barrier free

Facility Management Features

Fast, and simply limitless compatibility

Technical equipment management
Performance- Cost recording
Efficient fault management
Maintenance & repair planning
Task and order management
Management in compliance with the law


Top functionalities of a CAFM system

Data relating to individual rooms/total areas is collected. This allows a building to be organized, monitored, maintained and controlled.

Monitoring of building and workstation occupancy

Capture and analyze data to make strategic space allocation decisions and adjust them to produce the optimal space layout to meet desired spacing rules, for example.

Cost reduction and reduction of financial risks

Manage all areas of your real estate portfolio through one central solution and treat your buildings like strategic assets.

Optimization and consolidation of leases

Improve management of your leases to match space to demand, reduce costs and analyze financial impact.

Wellbeing in the workplace

Provide a work environment that promotes employee well-being and ensures they are safely connected and productive.

Predictions of maintenance requirements

Use preventive and condition-based maintenance tools to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Goals of the CAFM deployment

Fast, and simply limitless compatibility

Increase efficiency of FM
Maintaining the operability of a building and its technical equipment
Minimize operating costs
Safeguarding operational safety and operator responsibility

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