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Ensure internal and external compliance

In many companies, the areas of corporate strategy, risk management and compliance management still act largely in isolation from one another. The areas often use different methods and systems, so that there is no common database.

We can support you in carrying out efficient risk identification and assessment. These include compliance with internal and external requirements, affect different components (e.g. strategy, processes, technology) and can result in different goals (e.g. increased efficiency, increased effectiveness) around the most important risks that affect the achievement of business objectives.

With our proven GRC check, we define the most important compliance requirements for your company and record the ACTUAL state. We identify the security risks, assess the need for action and work out concrete measures. In doing so, we help you to implement the GRC requirements optimally and to operate them efficiently.

GRC Advantages

Data basis

Better information basis for strategic decisions and operational measures.


Reduce costs by avoiding redundancies and overlaps and implementing regulatory requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Risk identification

Better early identification and management of business-threatening risks.


Traceability and evaluability through transparency. Build trust with customers, partners and employees.


Faster identification of potential improvements. Simplify access management in complex on-premise and cloud environments.


Liability minimization through more targeted identification of risks. Flexible and fast adaptation to changing compliance requirements.

Challenges GRC

Fast, and simply genzenlos compatible


One of the challenges is that there must be a concept of where the journey is to go. Without goals and without a vision, a long-term integrated and coordinated application will not be available. The concept should show possible expansion steps and the interactions between the GRC disciplines.

Coordination in project phase & operation

In a phased integration of a GRC application, the course is already set in the first subareas. With each additional subarea, the higher-level coordination becomes more essential, but also more complex. Synergies and dependencies must be identified, version upgrades or innovations must be coordinated according to a master plan.


The dependence on manufacturers is increasing. In the spirit of long-term cooperation based on partnership, it is essential to live an open and constructive relationship. Only with mutual respect and understanding is cooperation more of an opportunity than a danger.


The added value for digitized companies

Integrated GRC – the target picture

Use synergies

A successfully implemented GRC solution provides an integrated view in a central tool instead of various isolated solutions with (different) multiple entries. Synergies can be exploited by making the same data available in several areas and linking the various disciplines (for example, contracts with risks). A coordinated authorization concept replaces multiple authorization concepts per application.

System-supported acquisition

Data is entered using defined form structures with mandatory fields and by means of system-supported checking or confirmation workflows. This ensures that the minimum requirements and a uniform structure of the data and information are met by the system. The entries are checked and approved along the workflow.

Automated update process

With the help of a tool, a periodic update of the recorded data can also be efficiently controlled and monitored. For example, the review of a risk including responsibilities and dependencies to the controls is carried out. Implementation monitoring is system-supported, i.e. the system sends the requests and any reminders to the respective persons responsible in accordance with the defined deadlines and escalation steps.

Ease of use

Users need to be familiar with one application and can use it to work on the different issues instead of a multitude of tools with different user interfaces and different contacts as well as processes.

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