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Traceable automation

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is a policy-based method of identity management and access control that effectively reduces risk and improves compliance across the enterprise. To understand IGA, we must first consider identity governance and identity management separately.

The former handles segregation of duties, role management, logging, analysis and reporting. The latter handles accounts and permissions management, configuring and de-provisioning devices and users, and provisioning and de-provisioning.

The combination of these two areas improves compliance and automates your user and entitlement management.

IGA Basic­functions

Workflow automation

You can create automated workflows for processes such as onboarding and offboarding users, equipping specific roles with different levels of access, and approving user access to applications and systems.

Permissions management

Organisations can streamline the review and verification of user access to various applications and resources, and automatically provision and revoke access permissions at the user and application level. They can also define and verify the actions users can perform in different applications and define and manage access through user roles.

Comprehensible reporting

With logging, reporting and analysis capabilities, companies can ensure compliance with industry-specific and general data-related regulations. This can also help to identify optimisation opportunities or risks.

Scale your business

Centralised identity management policies help streamline processes across multiple applications - whether they're on-premise or in the cloud. This allows your staff to focus on the work they do best, improving your custom application and organically growing your customer base.

Advantages of Identity Governance and Administration

Fast, and simply compatible

Increase productivity

Give employees and business partners access to resources in the company. Your users have timely access to the resources they need.

Compliance with statutory regulations

Control company and legal guidelines and display them in an audit-proof manner at the touch of a button.

Strengthen security

Reduce the risk of unauthorised access and control access intelligently through machine learning.

Implement cloud first strategy

IGAaaS is the new standard. When implementing a cloud-first strategy, an identity-centric architecture is recommended - read here about our experiences and recommendations in the context of cloud IGA.


The added value for digitised companies

Integrated IGA – the target picture

Achieving safety and productivity with the right controls

With identity governance, you can easily monitor, inspect and protect access to critical resources while ensuring the efficiency of your employees.

Life cycle management

Automate user and visitor lifecycle management and manage access rights and authentication.

Privileged Identity Management

Control privileged access and limit excessive access.


Assign each user a role with the required permissions.

Reporting and monitoring

Get a comprehensive overview of activities in your area.

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