Log Management

Capture and manage all events in your IT environment, from servers to applications to browsers and all other services in between.

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The Intelligent Log Management.

Have you ever been unable to provide information about past events from your IT environment? Have you ever wanted to investigate past events but no data is available?

Have you ever been unable to prove that there was no connection from your environment to a specific IP address. Whenever traceability is required, log management is the right term. Whether in IT security, IT infrastructure operations or software development, log data is an important part of traceability.

Is an IT security expert looking for dangerous accesses from your network, does an IT operations staff member want to understand warnings of system errors or does a software developer want to analyse the behaviour of his software over the last few months? For all these and other analysis possibilities, it is important to record events, and that is what log management is all about.

Centralised Log Collection & Management

Basic Log Management for Forensic Readiness

Basic Log Management is about the collection, storage and analysis of log data. Features such as simple multi-tenancy configuration, AI-supported analyses and performance zones for cost optimisation are already included here. With our central solution within your environment, you offer your IT team the possibility to analyse all log data centrally in one place in real time.


Enterprise Log Platform for multiple Log Data

In larger corporate environments, in addition to the usual log management requirements, there are other challenges related to the size of the company. Not all log data analyses are performed by the same team. This affects the number of applications applied to different analysis use cases. For example, an application log analyst needs to have an application that meets his or her requirements in order to perform application performance monitoring. On the other hand, security analysts need other applications to effectively look for threats and patterns in log data. Similarly, data scientists will not use the same tools as security analysts to gain insights for the future.




With our log management solution, you can record, manage and make your logs available for analysis purposes. By using smart lifecycles, you can optimise operating costs and the performance of the necessary analyses. Other features such as automated build, real-time analysis, multi-tenancy for group management, dashboards and visualisation provide you with forensic readiness and a platform for staff to aggregate and analyse information.

We want to give back to the world and have created a guide for your upcoming log management project. So you can avoid common pitfalls and rely on our best practices.

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The simple beginning of something big!

Elastic Stack is an open source solution for information and event management that focuses on centralised collection, processing, analysis and storage.

The focus is not only on classic log management, but also on IT security (auditing, SIEM and threat intelligence) and anomaly detection.