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Relieve own IT resources for flexibility & growth

IT services take up a significant part of today’s corporate IT budgets. Instead of focusing exclusively on the business, administrative and management tasks slow the company down considerably. As a result, the core tasks of IT are often overlooked and the really important projects are pushed into the background. To help your company regain the necessary leeway, there are managed services from SECURIX.

Managed Services for Identity Security

Your company already has a functioning IAM system. Do you rely on a stable and reliable operation of the authorisation systems? We look after the integrated systems, maintain them (patch), help your users with problems and thus ensure trouble-free operation.

Managed Services for
Identity Security vs. In-House Identity Security

Cost efficiency

A good identity and access management system largely runs itself once it is set up. This means that your internal IAM team is exclusively on call. You can use your current staff from other teams for IAM support. However, this means that building up expertise is difficult and staff are hard to plan for. Staff are also difficult to find and take a long time to train. All this just to use them selectively is not attractive. With managed identity and access management solutions, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them, without your employees losing their working time.

Efficiency & Focus

An efficient managed IAM provider can take care of your system proactively. It knows where the weak points are and also has in-depth know-how in its own ranks if something should nevertheless stop working.

Whatever your business, it’s not identity and access management. Why not leave it to the professionals to focus on protecting your business while you can focus on what you and your business do best?


Even if you spend valuable time and resources training and/or hiring an in-house identity and access management team, it is unlikely that they will have the knowledge, skills and training that a good Managed IAM provider will. A good managed IAM service provider will have highly skilled, experienced, qualified and certified staff to manage your system. You do not need to hire additional staff or spend time and money training internal staff on IAM procedures.

Compliance and security guarantee

You choose identity and access management operations because the risk of losing valuable data or running afoul of compliance issues is high. Without experience in dealing with these situations, you have little chance if something goes wrong. When you hire qualified managed services for identity and access management, the provider takes over the support and much of the coordination and remediation when a problem occurs.

Advantages of Managed Services for Identity Security - Managed IAM Operation Services.

Our Managed Services team provides your organisation with highly skilled professionals to support your identity and access management technology and processes.

Protect business data

Manage service permissions based on your business needs.


Benefit from the possibility of sharing throughout the life cycle.

Reduce user errors

Automate and standardise user access permissions based on your policies.

Cost efficiency

Reduce upfront investment with (usage-based) pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Scale requirements

Accelerate deployment, implementation and set-up.


Meet regulatory requirements more efficiently with automated reports.

Why should you choose Managed Services for Identity Security?

Outsourcing your IAM environment means a sustainable relief for your own IT team in many respects: Of course, this is most obvious in the operation of the platform. But also the support, documentation and protection of an IAM solution.

By outsourcing IT tasks to an external service provider, companies can gain access to a wider pool of skilled professionals without having to incur the cost and effort of recruiting and training staff internally. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller and medium-sized companies that have limited resources to build their own IT team.

By transferring IT management tasks to an external service provider, companies can save on costs for staff, equipment and training. Managed services providers often offer advanced security features and processes that companies typically cannot provide in-house. Managed services providers ensure higher availability of IT systems through proactive maintenance and monitoring.

One of the biggest challenges in implementing an identity and access management platform is not only choosing the right solution, but above all integrating it into a company’s highly complex application and identity environment. In the outsourcing model, the partner’s task is to provide the best solution tailored to individual needs and to ensure its seamless integration. This allows the company to realise the full potential of the solution immediately.

By switching to a managed service or IDaaS model, critical access data is in most cases just as protected as on-premises: Those who host IAM as a service usually have the most modern infrastructure and training Qualified personnel are available around the clock, are IAM-certified for security-critical operations and are closely linked to the manufacturers.

What applies to infrastructure security also applies to monitoring, documentation and auditability: specialised service providers operating in this field are used to documenting the services and service levels they provide to demanding corporate clients, as well as their compliance with legal, industry-specific and country-specific regulations.

Whether it’s the scope of services, runtimes or licensing: Managed Identity Services offer companies maximum flexibility and can often adapt to new requirements almost in real time. Additional services, additional locations, increasing or reducing the number of employees – all this can often be easily adapted within minutes.


Growth through high IT performance.

A smart IT infrastructure supports your growth and facilitates digital transformation. With our Managed IT Services, your corporate IT stays up and running at all times.