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Computerworld Issue 11/21

Headlines like "Website of Geneva shipping company hacked" are becoming more frequent: the digital economy is becoming a target for criminals. The damage often exceed the cost of protection.

Open Source Study Switzerland 2021

Log management is a fundamental discipline for traceability in information technology. information technology. Many applications such as log analysis, SIEM or machine learning are based on the collected log data.

Media addiction, media, dangers - Data protection

The days are getting shorter again, the nights colder and, due to the pandemic, we find ourselves indoors more often than we might like. We finally have time to read a good book or to take care of yourself; to finally do all the things you were always far too busy to do.

Role models improve IT security

A significant proportion of all IT vulnerabilities result from inadequate access control or the incorrect separation of functions and tasks of employees. If these weaknesses are not remedied, companies run the risk of confidential data, such as patient files, falling into the hands of unauthorised persons. confidential data, such as patient files, into the hands of unauthorised persons.

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