SLA Management

SLA Monitoring provides you with comprehensive evidence about the performance of your IT.

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Contract adjustment and flexibility

Documenting your service level agreements (SLAs) gives your customers peace of mind and helps you focus on what is important to them. But an SLA is not just a guideline, it’s a contract. Therefore, you need to actively adhere to the terms of your SLAs.

SLA management prioritises, tracks and reports the information you need to effectively meet the priority by showing you which customer devices are supported, whether technicians are tracking their time correctly, when the extension expires and the time remaining in the contract.

Advantages of SLA Management Monitoring

Whether you use an existing template or customise the agreement, you can adjust the scope of support and billing rates and add billing fees for other products or services related to the agreement.


Automatically integrate alerts into your regular workflows so you can assign first response targets, create a time-based resolution plan and sort all unresolved tickets by next service level event.

Management of response time targets

Analyse key performance indicators (e.g. response time, resolution planning time and final resolution time) and enhance your service desk offering by demonstrating your ability to set, monitor and report service delivery targets.


Set response targets by priority, problem type and sub-problems, and add SLA information to the service ticket so you can create a complete audit trail.

Holistic view

By looking at all the time entries in the agreement, you can quickly determine profitability.


The monitoring of Service Level Agreements serves to optimise your IT quality. With the SLA report from SECURIX, you can collect data on availability, reliability, security, number of failures and duration.

This measurability of IT services and the corresponding reports are important proofs of performance for the IT department. Through SLA monitoring, you can quickly see the long-term effectiveness and efficiency of your critical IT services.

With SLAs in place and defined, the right measurements and the appropriate tool, in our case GroundWork Enterprise, SLAs can be measured, displayed and reported.

Of course, you can also monitor the services you purchase. With SLA monitoring, you have the right tool at hand to talk to your service provider about the service provided on an equal footing.

The SLA components (SLA Management, SLA Dashboards, Business Service Monitoring) are developed by SECURIX AG and are included in the official release of GroundWork Enterprise. Specific customer requirements can thus be taken into account and implemented and are then available to all GroundWork customers.

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SLA Monitoring provides you with comprehensive evidence about the performance of your IT.