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Verify user identities and control user permissions!

With an increasing number of employees and corresponding authorizations, the administrative effort increases exponentially: all assignments would have to be checked periodically to meet the compliance framework.

Human factors create risks, manual processes cost time and money. All this is counteracted with centralized and automated identity and authorization management.

Areas of application

We offer unique expertise and many years of project experience in all areas of identity and access management.


IGA is a policy-based method of identity management and access control that effectively reduces risk and improves compliance across the organisation.


CIAM offloads registration, authentication management, and identity security, making it easier for you to deliver seamless customer experiences across all brand touchpoints.


With PAM, have all administrator sessions and privileged access automatically recorded, examined, written to, and stored. Get traceability quickly and easily.


SSO is an authentication method that allows users to log in to multiple applications and websites, but only require them to enter their credentials once.


RBAC stands for correct role-based authorization assignment in an organization’s IT infrastructure. Access rights are not assigned manually to individual users, but are assigned automatically on the basis of defined roles.


When protecting your sensitive data and applications, consider not only your business goals, but also regulatory requirements.


The most dangerous and best system is your user. Protect your corporate data and improve user productivity.


IAM solutions strengthen the backbone of every company. IAM is used to manage all connected applications and all user

About Identity access management

Identity and access management systems aim at the centralized, transparent and traceable administration of all accounts and access rights in your company.

In most companies, a significant part of the administrative effort is spent on manual management and communication of user data and related access rights:

When a new employee joins the company, the HR department has to communicate relevant information to the IT department. The IT department, in turn, must create the relevant accounts (e.g., in the Active Directory or an e-mail account) as quickly as possible. When an employee leaves, all accounts must be deactivated, e.g. deleted, as quickly as possible.

With the right IAM solution, expenses are minimized through automated processes and the error rate through guided workflows. This includes at least the automatic, rule-based provisioning of the correct authorizations when an employee starts work, as well as deprovisioning when an employee leaves.

Self-service functions can also be activated to further reduce the administrative burden. This allows an employee to apply for additional authorizations independently and supported by a workflow. This ensures that the right people have the right resources at the right time – at minimal cost.

IAM advantages

Cost reduction

Coordination efforts between your departments, as well as manual work are minimized.


Both the legal requirements for data protection and the internal requirements (e.g., naming conventions and password guidelines) are fully taken into account.

Risk minimization

With the help of an IAM system, you can see at any time why which user has which authorizations, for what reason, and by whom.


IAM systems offer a wide range of reporting options. This means that you are always informed about which process is at a standstill, which accounts are orphaned, and which of your policies are in danger.


Relevant processes are fully automated and workflow-supported. Involved user groups are notified of their tasks by e-mail.


Secure and barrier-free access for employees, partners and customers. This means increasing flexibility and productivity as well as safeguarding the corporate structure.

More freedom of movement for your identities

Fast, and simply limitless compatibility


Consulting, planning, development and implementation of the IAM architecture.


Consistent approach to implementation guidelines and comprehensive knowledge base.

Authorization assignment

Analysis and engineering of role mining and role modeling.


Perform password synchronization procedures, single sign-on and password management.


Creation of compliance rules based on legal requirements and reporting.


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The added value for digitized companies

The way is the goal!

Identity Lifecycle

End-user-focused digital identities.

Process stability

Multiple proven solutions and enterprise-level best practices.

Efficiency increase

Increased efficiency through automated onboarding & offboarding processes.

Time & Cost saving

Reduced project risk and increased cost efficiency.

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