Nagios Plugins

Take the next step of monitoring – with monitoring plugins from Nagios.

Sap HANA Plugin

A Nagios Plugin to monitoring SAP HANA and SAP HANA2. This turns you Nagios into a powerfull monitoring for SAP HANA.

This Plugin Version 4.0 allows to monitor
– CPU-, Memory- and Volume Usage
– Running Services,
– Alerts
– Backups
– Replication status
– License (Valid and Usage)


License fee CHF 2,490

The license fee includes
– Single installation on a Monitoring System
– Unlimited number of SAP Hana Systems
– 30 days installation support
– Bugfixes for the actual major release

Freely available open source Nagios plugins

Get Process Resources

PowerShell plugin to monitor process resources (Memory, CPU and Process Count) on Windows Server.

get-help Get-ProcessRessources.ps1

Download Plugin (Version 1.3.2)

Get Process Ressources of Services

PowerShell plugin to monitor the subprocess resources (memory and CPU) of a service on Windows Server.

get-help Get-ProcessRessourcesByService.ps1

Download Plugin (Version 1.0.0)

Get last run of scheduled task

PowerShell plugin to monitor whether Scheduled Tasks are running regularly on Windows Server.

get-help Get-ScheduledTaskLastRun.ps1

Download Plugin (Version 1.1.0)

Get Services

PowerShell plugin for monitoring services. The plugin can be configured very flexibly.

get-help Get-Services.ps1

Download Plugin (Version 2.1.0)

Get Eventlog

PowerShell plugin to query the event log on Windows Server. Flexible event search with powerful event exclude list.

get-help Get-Eventlog.ps1

Download Plugin (Version 2.2.2)

Nagios plugin development

Do you need a Nagios plugin and have not yet found it in the community? We are happy to develop an appropriate open source plugin for you. Windows, Linux, Solaris or AIX environment does not matter. You participate financially in the development and actively support the open source community.